Malta has become a business, financial services, iGaming and blockchain hub over the past years. This is due to the various benefits that Malta has to offer.

Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, between mainland Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Malta is accessible by air from practically anywhere, with most of Europe accessible by direct flights and other countries by flights through major hubs such as Dubai, Istanbul, Heathrow and Frankfurt.

Malta has a stable economic and political system with economic growth outpacing most of Europe. It is a full European Union member and is also a member of the Eurozone and is party to an extensive network of double taxation agreements

Malta is a multi-lingual country, having both Maltese and English as its official languages. Business is generally conducted in English. Furthermore, a sizeable part of the population can speak a third language, generally either Italian, French or German.

A favourable taxation system is in place in Malta, whereby:

  • Trading companies can avail themselves of the 6/7 refund on the 35% tax payable, thus resulting in an effective tax rate of 5%
  • Holding companies can enjoy a full participation exemption, through which any dividends received from holdings which satisfy the relevant criteria are exempt from tax
  • Royalties are also taxed at a reduced rate provided that all criteria for an IP holding company are satisfied

Local Authorities are efficient and business friendly. Local regulations are constantly improved and kept up to date so that business efficiency can be maximised and transactions can be entered into by businesses effectively. Furthermore, Authorities are easily reachable.

Malta offers various residency programs to attract Highly Qualified expats, thus ensuring that companies can have the skilled workforce they require.